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We believe in the power of sound to create emotions and inspire.

We do sound for film, TV and videogames for national and global projects, empowering narratives with art, agility and careful management, focusing on the process and the results.

It's this careful approach that permeates our relationships. The bond, with people and projects, brings energy, purpose and structure to what we do.

beyond sound.
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sound design,

foley & mix


We have worked in the sound post-production of more than 90 national and international feature films. We have also done sound design, foley and mix for a large number of series for players like Paramount Plus, HBO, Globo, Discovery Channel, History Channel and Star+.

We currently have three 5.1 mixing rooms, a full foley stage, dubbing booths and many sound editing stations. KF Studios believes that a truly cohesive and passionate team of artists and technicians can achieve any goal with the power of sound.

use your headphones and
raise the volume ;-) 

desenho de som e mixagem

We work for some of the biggest publishers in the world, dubbing games in Brazilian Portuguese and counting on a cast of more than 250 voices.

Our studios are equipped according to rigorous industry standards, with Neumann, DPA and Sennheiser microphones and API and Focusrite ISA preamplifiers, as well as room acoustics that have been tested and approved in dozens of AAA games.

For more information about our dubbing and localization services, please contact us by the e-mail address or through the phone +55 51 99115-8599.

and dubbing

localização e dublagem